Why LinkedIn owns talent attraction through content

The other day I was asked that magic question which get sent my way every so often: “Daniel, why is LinkedIn the obvious place of where to build your employer brand and engage with talent groups of choice?” In fact, I love when I get the question posed like this or similar. It directly tells[…]

Communicate your EVP in style!

First things first – What to communicate? Do you remember the old days? The days when you got trend reports telling of certain topics you ‘must’ be talking about with your preferred talents? Consultants from various firms came yelling about how you must have an equality agenda, diversity agenda or a message highlighting you as[…]

Talent Experience – Key for becoming employer of choice!

Managing talents; Just like any other user group For over ten years I’ve had the honor of being part of exciting conversations in regards to what should be measured with an employer brand. What will provide sustainable impact on reputation truly? What are key KPI’s to measure for standing well towards recruitment competitors? Having a[…]

Social media strategy – with target in mind

  In order to build your social strategy and stand ready for scaling it, I recommend the video below in order for a deeper view and perspective on this post of mine:   What is highly interesting, is that most companies have understood that they are in need of a digital strategy in order to[…]