Talent: Opportunity orientation, your benefit!

The term of passive talent has become more central on corporate talent agendas as of late. We’ve all understood how it works out. The best talent doesn’t have it hard to get a job. Most often they are working with an interesting assignment already. When a great talent suddenly turn active in his job search[…]

Talent Experience – Key for becoming employer of choice!

Managing talents; Just like any other user group For over ten years I’ve had the honor of being part of exciting conversations in regards to what should be measured with an employer brand. What will provide sustainable impact on reputation truly? What are key KPI’s to measure for standing well towards recruitment competitors? Having a[…]

1st day in the melting pot of change – INspired

    spired @work!      Whatever we do in life, everything is about the look-out for the ultimate experience. No experience is for everyone, we are all unique. It is what is the best for you. Fulfilling your dreams, telling your story, being all you can be and where you belong, throwing balls and[…]

Identity first, image is a result!

  The Bernard Hodes Group referred to the figure below in April 2012 about what was relevant and actual when it comes to building a strong employer brand. Naturally it is viable but it always strike me how employers start in the wrong end. It is not about what you must be to be attractive[…]

Experience society – Impress your talents!

In the old days traditional media controlled the perceptions and the thought expressions of the world, they set the agenda for what was ok to think and not. To some extent they still do. But all is not as it used to be. The entry and growth of social media has given a voice to[…]

Your behavior – strongest impact on your employer brand!

Reputation and brand attraction often come and go. What was popular yesterday is not as popular tomorrow. Be it a product brand, a corporate brand or an employer brand, it is all the same; it is a challenge to retain a top position over time. In a way, it is natural as people always enjoy[…]

Behavior number one, needs number two

Conversations with various clients often turn in the same direction. “We are very different, our industry is different and therefore we require a special way to look at us.” And it is not that I disagree, I always agree. But what must be understood is that, every client is special and every client needs a[…]

“Raise in employer image ranks but not in recruit hit-rate, how come?”

“I am concerned and surprised of that while we climb in employer image rankings, I am still not experiencing a raise in hit-rate of my recruits. What am I doing wrong?”   I am certain the question above is recognized by many even as I notice a raise in employer branding know-how among top companies[…]

Online talent attraction

We all know the masses of people search, find and follow their favorite topics of information online. It’s no secret that talents since long gave up on old time job boards and refuse to fill in complicated forms just to be forced to do so yet again at the next job board. The old argument[…]