Spot on motivations and incentives

We all know that the mobile surf behavior is taking over laptop surf behavior by far. This is seen in statistics and digital strategy plans throughout. Companies are talking responsive designs, mobile web sites, apps and content. The content must be thoroughly planned for mobile surf from now on. While this is no news, many[…]

Behavior number one, needs number two

Conversations with various clients often turn in the same direction. “We are very different, our industry is different and therefore we require a special way to look at us.” And it is not that I disagree, I always agree. But what must be understood is that, every client is special and every client needs a[…]

Social media strategy – with target in mind

  In order to build your social strategy and stand ready for scaling it, I recommend the video below in order for a deeper view and perspective on this post of mine:   What is highly interesting, is that most companies have understood that they are in need of a digital strategy in order to[…]

Choose your CMS

“What should I use? Drupal, WordPress, Episerver, Sitevision, CQ5 or Sharepoint? Or something else?” There are lots and lots of CMS’es and WCM’s rapidly growing as dynamic tools. What was once raw HTML is today a boxed, slim package of solutions which is tangible and flexible for your needs. Everything today is about user experience[…]