“Next Move lookers” – a priority recruitment target group!

Life is about making your move. Where’s your next destination? Where are you heading and why? Already as young we learn that keeping a steady pace and being in constant move is something positive. Society rewards people who make moves and we applaud careers. Some countries where we are more shallow such as Sweden still[…]

No one is looking. Everyone is open.

It sure is interesting times in the recruitment industry. From the entire beginning we have been taught to advertise our vacancies in the hope for the right talent to happen to come by. In the early days the candidate profiles weren’t too detailed or picky. A simple sign of “Help wanted” could be seen in[…]

CV-challenges in regards to Candidate Selection

Some things have always remained no matter the degree of innovation. But even the most fundamental things are being questioned now at the prime of the digital age. Such as the CV as a recruitment corner stone. Many experts argue it is simply not a document which is valid, objective or relevant enough to continue[…]

The transformation from search agencies to individual networks

It’s been one of the strongest assets of search agencies to claim they know the talent pools better than the client do. That in combination with the search agent understanding the company and their culture has been the main sales arguments for why search agencies is hard if not impossible to remove from the recruitment[…]

Expectations management – employer brand success key factor

I said in a blog post I wrote last week that I would elaborate more on how you build a focused employer brand. Naturally this is no one-way-street. There are as many ways as there are employers and we all have our unique opportunities which we must identify and utilize. One thing remains the same[…]

Your behavior – strongest impact on your employer brand!

Reputation and brand attraction often come and go. What was popular yesterday is not as popular tomorrow. Be it a product brand, a corporate brand or an employer brand, it is all the same; it is a challenge to retain a top position over time. In a way, it is natural as people always enjoy[…]

“Raise in employer image ranks but not in recruit hit-rate, how come?”

“I am concerned and surprised of that while we climb in employer image rankings, I am still not experiencing a raise in hit-rate of my recruits. What am I doing wrong?”   I am certain the question above is recognized by many even as I notice a raise in employer branding know-how among top companies[…]

Online talent attraction

We all know the masses of people search, find and follow their favorite topics of information online. It’s no secret that talents since long gave up on old time job boards and refuse to fill in complicated forms just to be forced to do so yet again at the next job board. The old argument[…]

Create a quality relation with ideal talents!

Realize your potential Did you know that a medium-large employer in Sweden (between 1000 – 5000 employees) receives approximately 14.000 job applications each year in medium, some of them spontaneous and some others to a specific vacancy seen on a jobsite? Many knows but what most fail to realize is the massive potential there is[…]