Think Talent Experience 1st – Candidate Experience 2nd

“Talent experience? What is he talking about this guy? Everyone else talks about Candidate Experience. Why is he calling it talent experience? Sheesh.” Welcome to reality. Most people aren’t your candidates even if you want them to be. Most people are not even considering to become candidates in any of your processes even if you[…]

No one is looking. Everyone is open.

It sure is interesting times in the recruitment industry. From the entire beginning we have been taught to advertise our vacancies in the hope for the right talent to happen to come by. In the early days the candidate profiles weren’t too detailed or picky. A simple sign of “Help wanted” could be seen in[…]

CV-challenges in regards to Candidate Selection

Some things have always remained no matter the degree of innovation. But even the most fundamental things are being questioned now at the prime of the digital age. Such as the CV as a recruitment corner stone. Many experts argue it is simply not a document which is valid, objective or relevant enough to continue[…]

Strong employer brand but too few applications. Why?

“Imagine if we had a strong and attractive employer brand. How good things would be.” Well, yes and no. Throughout my 10+ years of employer branding strategy work, I often come to this very discussion – the disadvantages of having a strong employer brand. The reaction is always the same surprised looks and glances as[…]

Communicate your EVP in style!

First things first – What to communicate? Do you remember the old days? The days when you got trend reports telling of certain topics you ‘must’ be talking about with your preferred talents? Consultants from various firms came yelling about how you must have an equality agenda, diversity agenda or a message highlighting you as[…]

The transformation from search agencies to individual networks

It’s been one of the strongest assets of search agencies to claim they know the talent pools better than the client do. That in combination with the search agent understanding the company and their culture has been the main sales arguments for why search agencies is hard if not impossible to remove from the recruitment[…]

Talent: Opportunity orientation, your benefit!

The term of passive talent has become more central on corporate talent agendas as of late. We’ve all understood how it works out. The best talent doesn’t have it hard to get a job. Most often they are working with an interesting assignment already. When a great talent suddenly turn active in his job search[…]

Talent Experience – Key for becoming employer of choice!

Managing talents; Just like any other user group For over ten years I’ve had the honor of being part of exciting conversations in regards to what should be measured with an employer brand. What will provide sustainable impact on reputation truly? What are key KPI’s to measure for standing well towards recruitment competitors? Having a[…]