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Whatever we do in life, everything is about the look-out for the ultimate experience. No experience is for everyone, we are all unique. It is what is the best for you. Fulfilling your dreams, telling your story, being all you can be and where you belong, throwing balls and ideas around with people who want to achieve the things you want to achieve, who share your ambition and who inspire you to grow an extra inch. Those inches are everything we need in order to grow, to prosper and to release ourselves from those chains who holds us back from changing the world.

It is all about the talent experience!

A talent experience does not start with an advert and end with a finished recruitment process. Whether you got the job or not is not important. A talent experience is ever-going, ever-changing and real. From the first moment you hear of a corporation, come in touch with their solutions, products and customer service to how you are treated as a former employee, will forever build a mental attitude inside of you towards that corporation.

That is what we must understand in the first place. It isn’t enough to have a great recruitment process unless we don’t have the values or company culture of treating people the same way as soon as they are hired. It is neither enough to be a good employer if we treat people who want to leave for a new challenge like they were Judas.

The world is small, don’t do business for today. Do business for tomorrow.

Every person matter. Every idea matter. Every relation matter. People are all part of an immense network of relations, contacts and those contacts binds ideas, creativity, business value, loyalties and stories. And far more important, whether you like it or not, many of those stories will be your stories. Told through social media every day. If your talent experience is good then those stories could be good. If you however under perform in one or more processes those stories might turn out to be bad. That means broken value. Of relations. Relations which could have both employer and/or business relevance today or tomorrow. It isn’t expensive to do things right. Not if you consider the costs of doing things wrong.

Live your brand, every day. And deliver on your promise. 

Delivering on your promise is the best talent experience there is. Every day in every aspect. From the day Linkedin called me and introduced the opportunity, telling me of its immense challenge and potential and the role I would have in the build-up of a leader of a global talent intelligence machinery, I was hooked. Everything started out with the story. Everything was about the vision and the values.

Daniel, we believe in changing the world. We want to make it better. It is not enough to make money. We believe in doing what is right. We believe in providing value in everything we do. Then we know we will be rewarded for it. To succeed we need people like yourself.” Nothing was tiresome to listen at. The recruiter was passionate, engaged and genuinely interested in me and my experience. They were spot on and targeted, things they said was clearly in line with my profile. As I came in touch with other representatives in the company I noticed that this mentality was felt everywhere. Everyone were professional, smart, driven and dedicated and truly helpful. And the best thing of all, everyone felt relaxed and had a smile to their lips. “When you’re confident you don’t need to be an asshole. Everything is about relations, therefore the smartest ones aren’t stuck up, they embrace you and look forward to bring results together with you.” Or as a recruiter said today on my first day going through policies: “We have a no-asshole recruitment policy. Reaching your targets isn’t good enough.”

The day was structured and everything was planned into thorough detail. Going through legal issues, the solutions, the marketing, the benefits, meeting important members of staff, discussing Linkedin’s mission and more. The schedule was planned on a minute-basis and professionally handled by dedicated employees. The energy was felt all around the office. And then it struck me what was its core. Everyone believes in what they’re doing. Everyone genuinely believe in the strategy, has bought into the values and approve of each other. Linkedin openly states that they reward talent and extraordinary achievements, being smart, taking ownership and being collaborative are important parts of keeping the entrepreneurial startup-feeling while growing into a large corporation and delivering magnificent value for their clients. There were no signs of people with sharp elbows or political agendas, that behavior would never be rewarded. For many companies this sounds as an utopia. Believe me, it isn’t. It is only about leadership and rewarding (feeding) the right behaviors. Most doesn’t.

That is a talent experience for you folks, and whether you like it or not, it is the core to your employer brand. What people say of you, if they refer or not, and what they tweet is what has the biggest impact. And people tweet about their experiences, how they are handled. They don’t tell of what they read in a bought advert in some magazine. They want to be part of a mission, they want to have a role to play in something they believe in.

More to come!

Thank you for reading.

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