Elevating a career. 10 pointers to follow.

Since I’ve dedicated such an extensive part of my own career to work with talent; recruitment, attraction, retention, employer brand positioning, social recruitment etc., I have now also coached some younger gifted people around me in regards to their own career. Some people were excited about my advice and insight due to my knowledge of[…]

Talent Retention School: Get individual oriented – or face the consequences.

Good day fellow recruiter, employer brand expert and people manager. All of us who work in the wonderful industry of attracting, developing, retaining and recruiting the best people – for us – to our employers most often face the challenge of how to make an impression with new people and how to continue impress throughout[…]

12 important things to bear in mind and which will Super Motivate your team!

Having been working in various companies on different levels, as a team member, as manager, head of a business area, as founder of my own startup and part of the management team of a rapidly growing company, I’ve witnessed many different teams take shape, fight hard to reach results and with many successes and also[…]

5 barriers for getting innovation going – and ways to deal with it.

I am a fortunate man. I have been given the chance to take part in exciting opportunities and projects from different industries and organizations as employee and manager such as: Ogilvy, Universum, LinkedIn, Connect, Cybercom and now Blocket. I’ve worked on different levels and as of late in management. All this has granted me insight[…]

Think Talent Experience 1st – Candidate Experience 2nd

“Talent experience? What is he talking about this guy? Everyone else talks about Candidate Experience. Why is he calling it talent experience? Sheesh.” Welcome to reality. Most people aren’t your candidates even if you want them to be. Most people are not even considering to become candidates in any of your processes even if you[…]

Den nya generationens CFO

Den genomsnittliga medarbetaren i en organisation har haft för vana att se CFO’n som den mest konservative beskyddaren av status quo i en verksamhet. Medarbetare uppfattade ”människor och chefer på bolag inom finans- och ekonomiroller” som de minst progressiva i organisationen. CFO´n var den som anställda minst av allt ville bolla sina innovativa idéer med. Den tiden[…]

“Next Move lookers” – a priority recruitment target group!

Life is about making your move. Where’s your next destination? Where are you heading and why? Already as young we learn that keeping a steady pace and being in constant move is something positive. Society rewards people who make moves and we applaud careers. Some countries where we are more shallow such as Sweden still[…]