April 15, 2011

About Daniel


Welcome to this blog of mine!

Humbly I admit that I’m fortunate. I’m fortunate to have been able to socialize, work with and learn from amazing people at amazing companies. That has also resulted in exciting experiences where I’ve been fortunate to be part of teams which created, launched and developed amazing things.

I’m passionate about Tech, Talent & Communications. And foremost I’m passionate about Job Creation.

At this very own home of mine I share my ideas, thoughts and experiences. I believe in sharing. And that in itself comes from my sincere belief in CARE for what we do, care for people and society. If we don’t care, there’s no meaning in what we do or achieve. And when you do care, it is of vast importance that we DARE reach the heights we’re meant to and take on the challenges that await us. And in the end, to repeat, we must SHARE. Sharing is caring. Sharing is what makes the world a better place – or at least helps betterment ever become a reality.

For the last 15+ years I’ve actively engaged with Tech, Talent & Communications. Tech has been a never ending love story already as I was coding Basic on my computer being only 15 years old. Since then I’ve coded websites before the IT-boom in 1999, been acting Digital Strategist at Cybercom and Head of Digital Business Solutions, advised and guided Tech ventures as I worked at Venture Cup and Connect. Tech has always been my scene. It is an ongoing love story.

This love story evolved as I found my other passion; The Talent market. Having been responsible for Företagsbarometern and Solution sales at Universum, responsible Nordic Manager for Talent Premium Solutions at LinkedIn and Head of Business development at Blocket Jobb & StepStone, I’ve gained an amazing 10+ years of experience of developing winning talent solutions, talent strategies and social media for sourcing and employer branding skills.

As of August 21st of 2017 I am commencing as CEO for Sup46, Start-up People of Sweden, the leading Start-up hub for Tech ventures in the Nordics. I relish the challenge to take Sup46 to its next play together with a fabulous team of individuals.

If you have questions feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you and welcome again!

/Daniel Sonesson

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