April 15, 2011

About Daniel


Hi, my name is Daniel. Welcome to my blog! So who am I and what am I about?

I am passionate about Digital, Branding & Talent. Already at an age of 17 I founded my first company and coded raw HTML & Javascript for a trendy and challenging web consultant at 1998. It was the glory days and the beginning of the new web startups. I was there and I loved it, at the heart of ventures, fast-moving growth companies and technology. Joining Ogilvy & Mather as responsible for the Ford sponsorship of Champion’s League, awoke my great desire for communications & branding. Other exciting assignments were to manage Barbie, My Little Pony and some other very interesting (and manly) brands. Joining Universum Group years later initiated my deep interest for employer branding and talent management. Eversince I have been pursuing my professional career and know-how within Digital, Talent & Branding and doing what I do best: Strategy & Business development.

After Universum I joined Connect and became a business coach for CEO’s of medium sized growth companies, gaining a great insight into the world of ventures and venture capital strategies along with growth strategy and management. This led me to co-founding my own online recruitment firm, Jobla, which had the ability to match talents preferred work cultures towards employers actual company cultures.

Latest I have been situated at Cybercom, a leading IT-consultancy, responsible for developing the corporate offerings and managing the business development towards chosen key industries and clients. But only recently I seized the opportunity to throw myself into my next adventure, in a role and with an employer basically made out as my ideal opportunity; At October 7th, 2013, I’ll commence at Linkedin to work with strategy and business development on international scale. With a EMEA focus and specific responsibility for the Nordic region I will together with other skilled “brains” research talent behavior, industry talent challenges, construct Linkedin’s future solutions, define strategies and further Linkedin’s employer branding know-how.

If you have questions feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you and welcome again!

/Daniel Sonesson

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